* About the Artist *

Judy and David Tait have made rural Albert County their home for over 20 years.

From the very beginning, Judy and David instinctively knew the beauty of this area, its history, geography, and the friendly nature of the people who live here would inspire creativity.

With such attractions as the famous flowerpot rock formations at the Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy with the highest tides in the world, Albert County has long been a destination for world travelers fascinated with history and nature’s mysteries

As the innovative mind behind the Albert County Clay Company, Judy gets down to the very basics in order to express her feelings about the area in which she lives - its culture, history, landscape, and people. Her husband, David, assists in the time-intensive preparation of the clay that she uses in her art.

From what was once the one-room Curryville schoolhouse and the old Curryville Community Hall, this duo work together to create a diverse offering of handcrafted wares, among them vases, bowls, wall sconces, decorative tiles, wine coolers, and clocks made from the beautiful terracotta-coloured clay of Albert County’s Bay of Fundy region.

Judy knew that, historically, the area’s first settlers used clay from the area to make bricks and bowls. She and David began searching for a suitable source for pottery. During Sunday drives, armed with buckets, boots and shovels, they carted home mounds of the cool wet stuff with which to experiment.

Bay of Fundy mudflats Estuarial clay is essentially weathered rock worn down by water over thousands of years and carried long distances through creek beds. The area’s wide expanses of marsh grew, over time, from these fine deposits of clay, but finding the right consistency was not easy.

Eventually they found what they were seeking – a clay supply that fires well and produces a viable, durable product. The Albert County Clay Company had its foundation.