* Inspired by History * Etched by Nature *
* Refined with Feeling *

Located in the heart of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy tourism area, where the highest tides in the world wash the shores twice daily, the Albert County Clay Company creates original pieces reflecting the area’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Each terra cotta clay piece from the Albert County Clay Company bears the simple outline of native vegetation or the artist’s hand-drawn impressions.

Representing the diverse culture, geography and spirit of Atlantic Canada’s pioneer history, the functional and decorative nature of these handcrafted wares celebrates the perseverance of our ancestors and the richness of an untamed land.

Special Bay of Fundy clay is processed by hand, using techniques brought from the ‘Old Country’ and modified to address the clay’s own unique properties. No two pieces are alike.

Embedded with native flowers, leaves or seaweeds, each piece is a special ‘Albert County’ souvenir to take home.